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Mold release (Japan made) / 1pc

Just wipe your mold using this release agent, and you can lift up your clay from your mold easily.

  • Size: 5cc
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    Kari sekken ( Kari soap ) release agent / 1 bottle

  • 500g
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    Slik metal clay conditioner and release (Non-Stick Balm) / 1pc

    Slik metal clay conditioner and release works to condition metal clays. It gives clays great texture and works better than water for reducing clay stickiness. An improvement on olive-oil based balms, slik results in a medium with superior texture that remains moist. Slik is easy to work into clays; slik should be applied first to your hands, then spread lightly onto a patty of clay and kneaded in. Slik also works as an all-purpose release on tools or texture surfaces.

  • Size: 2 oz (56gram)
  • ID: 5668 Stock: 1 ¥
    Cool Slip Anti-Stick Solution / 1pc

    Spray or brush a small amount of CoolSlip onto most any surface and it will release metal clay cleanly. Use when molding or texturing metal clays for impressions that are crisp, sharp and free from residue. For use on glass, plastic, metal, rubber, paper and polymer clays. To use, mist surface lightly from a distance of 8 inches; a light application of CoolSlip is effective. CoolSlip is non-toxic, non-reactive, non-aerosol, odorless and fast drying.

  • Size: 4 oz bottle (126ml)
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    UV resin and Epox resin Gel Cleaner / 1pc

    A specific cleaner for uncured UV resins.
    Removes uncured UV resins from mixing tanks, tools and equipment.

  • Size: 30ml
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    ARMORALL Original Protectant 300ml / 1pc

    Protect and preserves your car's interior rich look with this ARMORALL cleaner.
    (Otherwise called Original Protectant) Your vehicle is exposed to dirt, grime and harmful elements like UV rays and oxidation every day. Count on Armor All, the undisputed leader in car care, to help keep your vehicle looking as good as the day you bought it. Armor All® Original Protectant cleans, protects and helps keep surfaces looking like new.

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