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Jewelry Powder for Grace Jewelry line / 1pc
Jewelry Powders for Grace can be mixed into any media and applied to any surface! And the variety of finishes Jewelry Powders can produce is nearly endless—from metallic sheens to pearlescent shimmers to all manner of faux finishes. Can be use on polymer clay.
It is a safe and non-toxic, inert powdered pigment with a neutral pH. It is extremely colour fast and stable — it will not tarnish or fade and is therefore ideal for archival applications.
How to apply :
Coat the clay with Glue for Grace Jewelry line (id. 15575) then let it dry approx.5 minutes then apply the Jewelry Powders.

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Coloring Pigment powder for resin / 1pc
  • Content : 2 grams

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Crushed Shell Powder / 1pc
10 sparkly colours of crushed shell for nail art designs or other decoration.
2.5 gram

  • Package size: W60 x H84 x D18mm
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    Metallic Foil / 1pc
    Material : Copper (Bronze Marble, Gold Marble, Gold) - 0.06gram
    Material : Aluminum (Silver) - 0.04 gram

  • Package size: W60 x H90 x D18mm
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    Kyoto Opal chips for Resin or Nail art / 1 pack@ 1cc
    This artificial opal chip can be coated with UV resin or other coating formula for creating jewel-like accessories. Also applicable for nail art and other art project.
    Made with Kyocera gem synthesis technology.

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    Ecozai : Art Resin Tint / 1set

  • ] Each bottle contains 25 ml
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    Padico Jewel Color for Resin UV resin color /1pc
    A liquid coloring agent exclusive for transparent resin (UV resin). Because it is liquid, it is easy to mix with resin liquid, coloring is beautiful.
    You can change the color intensity depending on the amount to be added, or mix colorants to create your favorite color.
    It can also be used with two-component resin.

  • 5-10ml
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