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Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Simple Strike Jig / 1pc
The Simple Strike Jig is designed to help you produce perfect stamped impressions. Simply place the stamp in the jig, hold the jig firmly, and stamp. The jig holds the stamp flush, so you will always achieve an even, clear impression while saving your fingers!

  • Size: (W)50x(H)47x(D)35mm
    Package size: 125x75mm
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    Double side scribe tool / 1pc
    • Material : Chrome vanadium (black hardened)
    • Length : 212mm x 3.5mm diameter

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    Scribe and marking metal pen (SmartyTool brand ) / 1pc
    Capable of producing extremely sensitive lines, these etching needles and scribes taper to fine points and are intended for use on grounded plates

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    Scribe pen ( Kegaki pen ) / 1 pc
    Capable of producing extremely sensitive lines, these etching needles and scribes taper to fine points and are intended for use on grounded plates

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    FastCap Accuscribe Scribing Tool
    Scribing tool with adjustable grip for standard pencils
    Easily maintain consistent scribe offset, keeping parallel to surface
    every time
    Durable polymer construction
    Includes 1 scribe; pencil not included
    5-3/4 inches long

    ID: 18605
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    Wing compass (divider) / 1pc
    • Industrial grade, very hard and sharp points. can be used to scribe circles, mark divisions (divide a given distance), or simply mark a distance.

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    Wing compass (divider) / 1pc

    ID: 10722 Stock: 1 ¥
    Compass Attachment
    With this compass attachment you can pencil or ballpoint to draw circle
    or draw another project easily. Easy to use and fit for many type ofcompass.

    ID: 22511 Stock: 1 ¥
    Compass ( Trammel point ) / 1 set
    Need to draw an accurate circle?
    One where the finishing point actually meets the starting point?
    M.POWER's FLTS flat lying trammel head set will guarantee you exactly that.

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    Adjustable dual-purpose Linear & Arc Scriber marking tool / 1 set
    • Aluminum alloy body - The surface of marking gauge is treated with anti oxidation, the grip is comfortable, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
    • Tungsten steel blade - The scriber is made from tungsten steel blades, which is much more hard and long life use.
    • Can draw and scribe arc - The scribe is newly added with stainless steel roller, which can be used for circular scenes (ceramic, iron, acrylic can be used).
    • Universal type pen holder - upgraded large-diameter clip pen, refill, needle, pencil, etc. are applicable.
    • Easy to Use - The scale is clearly visible and easy to measure.

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    Automatic Center punch / 1pc

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    Marking tool : Ink line marker / 1pc
    Japanese Ink Lines (Sumitsubo)
    The Sumitsubo is one of the most important marking tools used by the master Japanese carpenter. Similar in function to the Western chalk line, it is used to mark thin, straight lines on wood and other materials. A fine silk line is drawn out through an ink soaked wad of cotton, tensioned and then snapped against the workpiece. This allows you to mark very long (up to 10 m), fine and exceptionally accurate lines. Can also serve as a plumb line.
    • With a sealed ink reservoir to prevent ink from leaking out or drying up.
    • Automatic spring-loaded recoil with locking mechanism.
    • Unbreakable plastic body and thread bob

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    This tool is amazing! There has never been a tool that makes stamping so easy and safe for the beginner as well as the experienced.
    This handy tool holds round and square stamps up to 7mm while keeping thumbs and fingers at a safe distance. Simply insert stamp in round hole and tighten by turning the knurled handle – it’s that easy! It also makes lining up the stamp easier because there is nothing to obscure the view of the stamping surface.

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    Marking (stamp) holder & setting jig / 1 unit.

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    Marking (stamp) anvil /1pc

    ID: 2398
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    Marking (stamp) Standard - Gothic- series set / 1set.
    Great for personalizing jewelry & craft components! Constructed of steel & packaged in a deluxe wooden storage box with Individually labeled slots to help keep the punches organized. Each set includes 26 A-Z letter punches, an "&" symbol, and 9 number punches (use the same punch for 6 & 9).
    Use them to stamp copper, silver, brass, as well as wood, plastic, and leather & more. PLUS, our stamps include a fool-proof method to ensure your letters/ symbols are right side up every time! Simply place your thumb on the side of the punch with marked and the stamped letter will face the correct way (to stamp a 9, hold the 6/9 punch with the marked side under your forefinger).
    Stamps are Gothic font, available in both Lowecase and Uppercase
    PUNCTUATION:Set includes 9 punctuation punches: $ ! , ? @ . # )"

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    Marking (stamp) Design series Alphabet punch set / 1set.
    Alphabet Punch Sets size 3mm
    • Includes A-Z letter punches, plus an "&" symbol
    • Use to stamp metal (copper, silver, brass, clay, wood, plastic, & leather)
    • Punches are marked for easy letter orientation: Simply place a thumb on the side marked to ensure the stamp is the correct way.
    • Durable construction and Compact deluxe canvas storage pouch
    • Individually labeled slots keep punches organized: find the punch you need quickly and easily!
    • Some letter heights or individual letter styles may vary slightly

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    Marking (stamp) YC brand / 1set

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    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Economy series / 1set
    For stamping soft metals including aluminum, pewter, alkeme, copper, brass, and nickel silver.

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    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Designer series / 1set

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    ImpressArt Stamp Storage Case /1pc
    Hole: Horizontal hole

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    Marking ( stamp ) - Symbols collection - ImpressArt / 1pack

  • TO-MARK-02000
    AutoPunch Alphabet & Number Punch Set (37 Piece) / 1set
    Steel Letter and Number Stamping Tool Set with Impact Punch
    You can stamp initials or a personal mark on wooden parts of your tools, or use the stamps to permanently and neatly mark the individual pieces of a woodworking project to aid assembly, or on a piece that is designed to be dissembled for transport.

    The letters and numbers are about 6 mm high. The stamping shaft has a 6.3 mm hexagonal socket. You insert the appropriate stamp in the socket, press it to the wood, and push down on the end of the shaft against an interior spring. When the spring release point is reached, it releases an interior hammer that strikes the stamp and marks the wood. The strength of the hammer blow can be adjusted by turning a knurled section of the shaft. You hold tool in both hands, and the end of the shaft is marked with a point to show the top of the letter or number, allowing you make sure the letters come out straight and even, as in the "169" in the top stamp photo, and not the crooked "N" and "I" in the bottom photo.

    In the photos you see the stamps in pine (top) and red beech (bottom). Make sure you have the proper stamp in the shaft and that it is properly aligned -- you have to get it right the first time!
    Set consists of:
    1 handle with automatic punch
    26 upper-case letters: A - Z
    9 numbers: number 6 and 9 is one stamp!
    1 ampersand: &
    1 point: .
    Letter Size 5 mm

    ID: 18713
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    Alpabet & Number punch set with holder / 1set

    ID: 18712
    3-5 d