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Quilling Dies & Base - Cutting Pads / 1set
Quilling Dies:
These dies make it easy to create stunning quilled flowers. Use with any major brands of roller die- cut machine to cut paper strips; then quill the strips! This package contains three dies. Available in a variety of designs (each sold separately). Die-cutting machines; base pads; and cutting pads not included. Imported.
Base & Cutting Pads:
The plastic color-coded pads are especially designed to cut Quilled Creations dies. For use with the Quilled Creations Dies and can be used with any major die-cutting rolling machine.

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Quiling Paper 3mm 1 colors / set (50pc)
Material: acid free precision cut paper
This package contains a single color of 50 pc of quilling paper.

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Quiling Paper 3mm Mixed Colors / set (100pc)
Material: acid free precision cut paper
This package contains an assortment of 100 pc of quilling paper.

  • Size: 3mm x 42cm(Length)
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    Quiling Paper Graduated 3mm 1 colors (Light - dark) / set (50pc)
    Graduated quilling papers are a single color per pack that fades from that color on one end to white on the other end.

  • Size: 3mm x 30cm(Length)
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    Quilling Paper Dark Center Graduated 3mm (white - dark - white) / 1set(50pc)
    Center Graduated Quilling Paper is the dark color in the center and fading to white on both ends.

  • Size: 3mm x 30cm(Length)
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    Quiling Paper Graduated 3mm Mixed Colors / set (100pc)
    Graduated Mixed Colors has 10 each of 10 colors that change from the solid color at one end to white at the other end.

  • Size: 3mm x 30cm(Length)
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    Quilling Tool / 1pc
    Needle tool : creates the small tight centers of paper filigree. Slotted tool : the smallest centers can be accomplished by even a beginner.
    Detailed instructions are printed on the back of the package.

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    Quilling Tweezers / 1pc
    These tweezers are perfect for quilling!! You will love how the fine-tip easily fits into the center of the loose and tight circles. They are extremely useful for assembling your pieces before and after gluing. For small pieces, these tweezers are just right for picking them up, dipping them into the glue and placing them on the perfect spot. You can't and won't want to quill without them!
    Size: (L)115mm

    ID: 16336 Stock: 0
    Quilling Comb / 1pc
    The Combing Tool introduces a different, yet stunning quilling technique! The comb's numbered pins make it easier and faster to create beautiful cascading loops and shapes.

    ID: 12264 Stock: 3 ¥
    Curling Coach / 1pc
    Add a slotted tool to the Curling Coach and this innovative tool makes holding and rolling large tight circles a breeze! It's perfect for making quilled miniatures. Kids love it too because it gives little hands extra support while rolling. Slotted Tool is not included.

  • d : 19mm, 29mm, 39mm
  • ID: 12265 Stock: 2 ¥
    Quilling Mini Mold /1pc

  • size: 188 x 89 mm
  • ID: 16335 Stock: 4 ¥
    Quilling Circle Sizer /1pc
    Handy, compact and functional! This ruler is a simplified version of our Circle Template Board with hole sizes that coordinates with all of our quilling kits. Just roll a strip of paper and place it in a hole size to make the perfect size coil! Perfect for classes and giveaways! It's made of shatter-resistant plastic with inches and centimeters measurements. Includes pin holes in the ruler so that it can be mounted to a corkboard surface for making off-centered circles.

  • size: 160 x 45 mm
  • ID: 16338 Stock: 4 ¥
    Quilling The Quiller's Grid Guide /1pc
    Our Grid Guide is corkboard with concentric circles and a 5 squares/inch grid on both sides! Concentric circles and grid system are used for piecing and gluing snowflakes and flowers. It also includes 45-degree and 60-degree markers to help you make 8-pointed or 6-pointed snowflakes and flowers. The 5 squares/inch grid system is perfect size for husking a well as aligning your paper strips while braiding and weaving.

  • Size: 250x130x8 mm
  • ID: 16337 Stock: 1 ¥
    Quilling Template Board/ 1pc
    The perfect tool for beautiful, uniform quilling, create circles of equal size or eccentric circles and rolls.
    The template is attached to a cork board that makes pinning the circles easy. Flip the board over and just use the cork side to design your own!

    ID: 12279 Stock: 2 ¥
    Quilling Deluxe Crimper Tool / 1pc
    Create a fine or coarse crimped paper strip with just a turn of the knob. You can even crimp both sizes at once! The Deluxe Crimper has a large, see-through turning handle, making it easy to see your paper as it crimps! Crimps up to 3/8" wide paper strips.

    ID: 12277 Stock: 4 ¥
    Quilling Kit : #260 Husking Hoops & Loops! / 1set
    This unique technique loops quilling paper around straight pins forming beautiful and interesting patterns. The directions are so clear you'll be an expert after your first try! Includes husking board, rust proof pins, more than 20 different patterns, 6 color coded templates, 2 blank templates and a rainbow pack of 2-tone quilling paper.

    ID: 16306 Stock: 0
    Quilling Kit : #261 Combing / 1set
    A stunning technique! See how uniform cascading loops can create breathtaking pieces with the quilling comb. The comb's numbered pins and the kit's simple illustrations make it easier and faster to learn. See how to make an Easter cross, angel, hummingbird, pinwheel, flowers and more. It's a complete kit with fun designs, paper strips and a quilling comb. *Quilling Comb included*

    ID: 16431 Stock: 0
    Quilling Kit : #263 Blooming Beauties / 1set
    Now with this kit you can make amazing floral beauties! It is easy with the step-by-step instructions. The kit also includes the Spiral Blossom Template and colorful paper sheets to make your flowers. Flower designs include Peony, Blossom, Roses and Ranunculus. *Template included*

    ID: 12269 Stock: 3 ¥
    Quilling Kit : #273 Animal Buddies / 1pc
    Include : basic instructions, patterns, ideas and coordinating quilling paper.
    Tools not included.
    Combines miniature techniques with large tight circles and basic shapes. Includes 3mm quilling paper and wiggly eyes.

    ID: 12273 Stock: 0
    Quilling Kit : #274 Jungle Buddies / 1pc
    Include : basic instructions, patterns, ideas and coordinating quilling paper.
    Tools not included.
    Combines miniature techniques with large tight circles and basic shapes. Includes 3mm quilling paper and wiggly eyes.

    ID: 12274 Stock: 0
    Quilling Kit : #276 Forest Buddies / 1set
    In this kit, you get patterns and instructions for 6 adorable little animals. Combines miniature techniques with large tight circles and basic shapes. Includes .125" wide quilling paper and 30 wiggly eyes.

    ID: 16307 Stock: 1 ¥
    Quilling Kit : #277 Arctic Buddies / 1set
    This adorable arctic animals kit that combines miniature techniques with large tight circles and basic shapes. Includes 1/8" (3mm)-wide paper, instructions and 30 wiggly eyes.

    ID: 16323 Stock: 1 ¥
    Quilling Kit : #278 Cupcake Treasure Boxes / 1set
    Make 6 different treasure boxes that can be filled with real sweet treats! Includes .25"( 6mm ) and .125"( 3mm ) quilling paper and instructions.

    ID: 16324 Stock: 0
    Quilling Kit : #290 Flowers & Friends /1set
    Teaching a class or just learning by yourself? This kit includes simple flowers and butterflies to delight any new quiller! Teach basic quilling and a fun technique called "alternate side looping". Learn to make variety of flowers and butterflies. Includes 1 set of instructions and quilling paper for 1 student.Tools not included.

    ID: 14243 Stock: 1 ¥
    Quilling Kit : #290-CP Flowers & Friends /1set
    • 1 Slotted tools
    • 1 Circle sizer
    • 1 Quilling paper
    • 1 Instruction sheet.

    ID: 16432 Stock: 3 ¥