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Tajima cutter : Driver cutter / 1pc
  • Unique multi function driver for driving screws, lifting can lids, scoring cardboard, and more.
  • Ultra-sharp 3/4 inch (18 mm) wide RAZAR Black 8-pt. snap-blades
  • Elastomer–grip handle with Auto Lock or Dial Lock blade locking
  • 1 mm thick tempered steel blade sleeves for positive control and safety
  • Removable end cap doubles as a blade snap-off tool
  • Equipped with one blade loaded and two spare blades stored in the handle, 24 cutting edges per knife

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Tajima Caulking Cutter J Handle /1pc
0.65mm thick blade with strong tension (2.5 times that of L-shaped blade, compared to our company)
22 mm width that is hard to bend and bend
The pitch is 10 mm, which is the same as the L blade.
Ideal for caulking, sealing and other joint cutting
Place your hand on the head to increase the cutting pressure, hold the steering wheel for reliable control
Elastomer resin grip that holds firmly and is not slippery

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Tajima Safety Cutter Guide / 1pc
Safety cutting guide are combination ruler and straight edge. The curved aluminum guard prevents you from accidentally cutting your fingers.
Ideal for Industry, Craft, also suitable for housewife to cut fabric for quilting, patchwork, etc
The Safety cutting ruler has a solid aluminum alloy body with an extra thick cutting face

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Tajima Smart saw / 1 pc
  • These Tajima smart saw system are interchangeable.
    Grip and Blade sold separately.
  • Very sharp and strong.
  • Made in Japan

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Tajima tools

  • BLD-03-1
    Tajima blades super hard Black : more sharp (50pc)

    Tajima blades super hard Silver : more durable (50pc)