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Art Flower : Electric Heater Unit for Flower iron ( Goot brand) / 1 set
How to make iron flower book , click here
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Stencil cutter : GOOT HE-31 / 1 set

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Hot cutter : Hot knife Refill ( For GOOT brand hot cutter ) / 1 pc
This is a refill for GOOT Hot Cutter (Id.18527)

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Hot cutter : GOOT hot knife set ( HOT-60R ) / 1 set
Comes with soldering tip, rosin core solder and soldering iron stand so it can be used as a soldering iron.
For cutting Vinyl Chloride, thin Acrylic, ABS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate.
Note: Electric is 100 volt

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Hot cutter : GOOT hot slicer ( HE-110 ) / 1 set
Best for heat slicing of nylon garden nets, fish nets, promotional flags, etc.
The sliced end does not fray.

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Hot cutter: GOOT High power soldering iron ( CXR-100 ) / 1 set

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Genuine replacement parts for GOOT : HE-100TL / 1pc

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Power controller for Hot knife / solder PC-11 / 1pc
  • To control the power (heat) of your heat tools / solder / hot cutter.
  • Capacity 20watt - 200watt (max)
  • Input voltage (see option, we have 2 types)

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Hot Wire Foam Cutter Small / 1pc
  • It cuts Soft Styrofoam while dissolving by heat of Ni-Chrome Wire.
  • The cut surface is smooth and does not need the after-treatment.
  • This product cuts off the Styrofoam thickness is under 25/32 inch. (Depending upon the material is hard to cut difficulty.)
  • The power is off when the finger releases the switch, There is without forgetting switch off.
  • Power by 1 ā€œCā€ size dry cell battery, not included.

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  • TO-CUTM-W49C
    USB-powered styrofoam cutter / 1set
    *Do not use this product with your computer or USB HUB etc. connected to your computer. Computer, inside parts, or connected parts might become unstable. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by connecting to computer.

    Bow model and straight model 2 attachments available

    Powered by USB cable.

    Smooth cuts: post-treatment(e.g. filing) not required.

    Mobile battery so you can use it anywhere. USB charging adapter not included. Can be used as soldering iron with our attachments (sold separately).

    The attachments for soldering are MSD-5HRT-B, MSD-5HRT-C, or MDS-5HRT-D. Please see Replacement Tips.

    Grip rotates to become a gun. Choose which style of grip is good for your job.

    *USB charging adapter not included.

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    goot : Crosslock Pinset / 1pc

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    Hot Stamp Heater - Solder ( Japan - Goot brand ) / 1 unit
    • High power (150 watt), suitable for hot stamp
      Also can be used for metal soldering (jointing) , using solder tip.
    • Handle made from wood, has a very good insulation.

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    Spring Soldering Iron Stand Holder / 1pc
    Spring Soldering Iron Stand Holder is with a round base, easy to put on desk and for holding the welding iron.
  • Solder iron holder keeps the iron away from flammable materials. Detachable Soldering Iron Holder for easy storage.
  • Metal construction for long time use.
  • Supplied complete with cleaning sponge.
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