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(up date:2017/09/18) id : 8226
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 5013
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 7592
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 6934
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 4330
Silver 925 Lever back pierce Cabochon setting (Economy type)/pair
(up date:2017/09/13) id : 2515
Metal Pendant part / 1pc
(up date:2017/09/12) id : 16024
Shoe string stopper clip (lock lace) /1pair
(up date:2017/09/12) id : 16015
MOLLE Connect Clip
(up date:2017/09/11) id : 22302
Uni Mitsubishi Dermatograph Oil-Based Pencils /1pc
A dermatograph is a colored pencil made of rolled paper and is used in block printing instead of a lithographic crayon when doing lithographs.

A dermatograph is made of paper wound into a pencil shape. Unlike a conventional pencil, it is unique in that the composite core is largely comprised of wax. This allows it to demonstrate similar characteristics to the hard lithographic crayons when drawing. However, because they have less oil content than lithographic crayons, when using a printing plate, tincture is needed to strengthen the sensitization sections (tincture replacement).

Dermatographs were first sold by Mitsubishi Pencil in 1955. The word comes from a combination of the Greek words, “dermato”, meaning skin, and “graph”, meaning to draw: Literally, draw on skin. As the name suggests, the dermatograph can be used to draw on surfaces such as skin, glass, metal and film which is difficult with a conventional pencil. Today, the features of the dermatograph are used in a variety of applications.

The Mitsubishi Dermatograph pencils are like upscale versions of your typical grease pencil. Available in several bright colors, these soft colored pencils are perfect for writing on glass, metal, plastics, ceramic, vinyl, cellophane, and marks can be removed from any non-porous smooth surface. The paper wrapping can be removed by pulling the inside thread, which will in turn expose more of the soft colored lead. Several colors available.

Pencil dimensions: Approximately 6.9 inches (17.5 cm) long and 0.3 inches (8 mm) in diameter.
(up date:2017/09/10) id : 14559
Foldable Magnifier with LED light (color:Red) / 1pc
(up date:2017/09/10)
(up date:2017/09/10)
(up date:2017/09/06) id : 16823
Vintage Wax /160g
(up date:2017/09/06) id : 16841
P-Effector : Texture base ( Effector ) / 500 ml
(up date:2017/09/03)
(up date:2017/09/03) id : 21536
Creative Grids: Turn-a-Round /1pc
(up date:2017/09/03) id : 21535
Creative Grids: Basic Range /1pc
(up date:2017/08/28) id : 20116
Aquaglue / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/28) id : 20120
Craft Glue / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/28) id : 20027
Sekisui Double Tape for Handicraft / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/23) id : 6835
Display, Necklace stand Clear / 1pc
Size :240x150mm
(up date:2017/08/23) id : 5334
Display : Necklace stand Cord Material / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/22) id : 21677
Insul-Bright Insulated Lining / 1sheet
A needlepunched insulated lining that reflects hot and cold energy back to it's source. Who doesn't love a homemade pot holder, oven mitt or soft lunch sack made safe with Insul-Bright. Easy-to-sew through and guaranteed to last through a lifetime of gentle washings.
(up date:2017/08/22) id : 11023
Aromatherapy Lockets & Pendants /1pc
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 233
Metal Pendant parts - Glass dome cap / 4pcs
Size(approximately): 9.5x4.5mm
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14917
Glass dome setting Button type / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14899
Metal setting (mounting) Pendant 16mm / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14904
Metal setting (mounting) Ring / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 2285
Brooches cabochon base / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14562
Magnifier with 2 LED and Interchangeable 5 Pcs Lenses / 1 set
Features:100% Brand New and High QualityThe lens is treated with strengthen process to reach surface hardness of H5 degrees.5-magnification head magnifier with 2-LED light5 kinds of multiple lens can be chosen, 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.5XUse this tool, you can magnify things by 1 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times, 2.5 times or 3.5 timesSuitable for reading books/newspapers,drawing pictures,making handgrfts etc.Easy to replace the batteries.Great product for watch making and repairing industry, specially for inspecting those tiny partsLED Features:2 LEDs for illumination.A light head magnifying glasses of wide-view scope with 3D lens and light.Head light can be adjusted for a good angle.Comes with an adjustable elastic head band for easy using.Environmental protection and energy saving.Specifications:Model: NO.9892B1Material: ABSColor: WhiteLens size:85mm * 8.5mmLED: 2 pieces Battery: 3 * AAA battery ( not included)5 kinds of magnifications:1.0X ,1.5X ,2.0X, 2.5X ,3.5XNet weight: 178g Package includes:1 x Head Magnifier1 x Head Band5 x Magnifying Glasses
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 4174
Digital Pocket Scale /1pc
Compact pocket jewelry scale small, small enough to put in your pocket. It can be used for weighing gold, silver,
diamonds and other precious stones with 0.01 gram accuracy.
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included)
Max capacity 200gr
High density ABS housing and metal support makes it very durable.
Large high contrast LCD display makes the readouts clear to read.
Blue backlight make display easily readable in low light conditions.
(up date:2017/08/09)
(up date:2017/08/09) id : 17214
Wilton Fondant Flower Drying rack and tools /1set
(up date:2017/08/09) id : 7437
K14 (GF) Gold filled adjuster /1pc
(up date:2017/08/08)
(up date:2017/08/08)
(up date:2017/08/08) id : 13153
Mold for resin ( geometric shape ) / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/08) id : 12027
Silicon mold bracelet / 1pc
The size is the finished size.
(up date:2017/08/08) id : 17268
Wilton Bag Cutter & Brush Set /1set
Essential tool collection includes a decorating bag cutter to easily and precisely cut decorating bags, and two sizes of brushes to make cleaning decorating tips quick and easy.
  • Bag cutter cuts bags with a quick turn.
  • Use with Twist Quick Coupler.
  • To use cutter: Insert inner coupler in bag. Slide on cutter with arrow pointing toward coupler. Squeeze side tabs, twist and cut!
  • Use and Care: Before first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 17245
Wilton Decorating Nails / 1set
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 17267
Wilton Quick Tips /1set
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 17266
Wilton I Taught Myself /1set
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 12918
Wilton Cupcake Decorating Set 12 Pieces / 1set
With the four decorating tips and eight disposable decorating bags in the Wilton 12-Pc. Cupcake Decorating Set, you'll be ready to decorate cupcakes, cookies and other fun treats with fabulous designs.
  • Decorate cupcakes, cookies and treats using 4 decorating tips and 8 disposable decorating bags in the 12-Pc. Cupcake Decorating Set.
  • 1M open star tip makes a stunning swirl, beautiful rosettes or stars; 4B open star tip creates a starburst design, great for detailed pulled stars.
  • 2A round tip pipes large smooth coils of icing and jumbo pulled dots or beads; 2D drop flower tip is perfect for flowers and swirled designs.
  • Set includes instruction booklet to make it easy for you to make amazing treats.
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 16420
We R Hole Punch Board / 1set
Create the perfect planner for scheduling your days, weeks and month. The Planner Punch Board works with all popular planners; standard hole, disc and spiral. The punches are interchangeable for easy customization. Punches lock together for storage when not in use. Planner Punch Board comes with standard hole punches. Disc Punch Inserts (660714) and Spiral Punch Inserts (662395) are also available.
(up date:2017/08/06) id : 22310
Prima Marketing Watercolor Pencils /1set(12color)
(up date:2017/08/06) id : 5407
Clay tools : Sculpey Etch 'n Pearls 3 pieces / 1set
(up date:2017/08/01) id : 9834
K14 (GF) Gold filled Stone Charm Link / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/01) id : 4667
Metal end parts ( Hook & Ring ) 5mm/ 1set
  • 10.0mm x 5.0mm inside measurement
  • Exterior measurements: 12.5mm x 7.5mm x 19.0mm long
  • For use with multiple strands of leather cord
  • Lead Free
  • Made in USA
(up date:2017/08/01) id : 22306
Staedtler Mars Lumograph /1set
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Premium quality pencil
  • Premium quality pencil for writing, drawing and sketching on paper and matt drawing film
  • Unbelievably break-resistant through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead
  • Wide range of up to 20 degrees
  • Lines reproduce well
  • Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests

Mars® Lumograph® black 100B Premium quality artists pencil
    Premium-quality artists pencil
  • Special lead formulation containing a high proportion of carbon for matt, jet black results
  • Particularly suitable for drawing and hatching as well as for expressive sketches and portraits
  • Unbelievably break-resistant through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead
  • Lines reproduce well
  • Lead diameter: 8B: 4.5mm, 6B/4B/2B: 3.6mm
  • Wood from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests
(up date:2017/08/01) id : 15280
Clothing Drawing Plate Ruler /1pc
(up date:2017/07/26) id : 19639
Book Ichibanyokuwakaru Hajimetenokawatenui (Japanese) / 1pc
(up date:2017/07/25) id : 15016
Flower Fondant cutter tools / 1 set
(up date:2017/07/25) id : 15015
Cutter & Embosser for Cake decorating ( or for Clay ) / 1 set
(up date:2017/07/25) id : 12908
Silicone Oven Mat /1pc
(up date:2017/07/23) id : 13031
Made in China Decorating couplers / 1set
(up date:2017/07/23) id : 6067
Pearl clutch for pierce / 1pair
(up date:2017/07/18) id : 12936
Green Amethyst Oval Cut / 39cm
(up date:2017/07/18) id : 12935
Green Amethyst Tumble (mix size) / 39cm
(up date:2017/07/18) id : 7610
Citrine Tumble Cut 19x7 - 9x7mm (mix size) / 40cm
(up date:2017/07/18) id : 2740
Iolite Tumble cut 6x4mm - 10x7mm (mix size) / 39cm
(up date:2017/07/13) id : 14022
1. Simple organizer cover completed by cutting and folding
2. How to make an ideal organizer cover
* Decide the design
* Making process
3. How to make each part
* Base shapes
Strap closure / Hook closure / Insertion closure / Pen closure / others
* Decorations
Border decorations / Perforation / Studs / Others
* Pocket
Normal pocket / Slit pocket / Card pocket
* Other Options
Stamping / Book mark / Pen holder / Others
* Special
Personal binder organizer / Round fastener
4. Material catalog
5. Basic knowredge & Technic
6. Patterns
(up date:2017/07/13) id : 13274
How to make bags
** Concho shoulder
** Soft shoulder
** Messenger bag
** Fastener shoulder
** Crescent shoulder
(up date:2017/07/13) id : 13267
1. Leather items made with sewing machines (for industrial use)
2. Sewing machine basics
3. Tools and leather for leather craft
4. Production of leather items using sewing machines
** Basic card case
** Pen case
** Smartphone cover
** Tote bag
** Clutch bag
** Pouch
** Shoulder bag
5. Pattern
(up date:2017/07/13) id : 13257
1. Items that can be made with this book
2. Main tool used for leather craft
3. Basic item
** Initial tag
** Key ring
** Memo pad
** Coin purse
** 4 strand braided strap
** Gift box
4. Applied items
** Fastener pouch
** Long Wallet
** Folded Wallet
** Tote bag
** Shoulder Pouch
(up date:2017/07/13) id : 10324
Book LEATHER CARVING TECHNIQUES Figure Carving (Japanese) / 1pc
1. About materials and tools
2. Various work production
** Horse -Modeling-
** Beagle Dog -Figure Carving & Painting-
** Skull -Micro Figure Carving-
** Cat & Flower -Micro Figure Carving-
** Historic Villages of Gokayama -Pictorial Carving-
** Albert Einstein -Portrait Carving-
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 12665
Stainless steel snap hook Antique style / 1set
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 6823
Stainless hook Heart /1 set
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 6822
Stainless hook Round /1 set
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 4035
Stainless Adjuster /1pc

Triangular Kan 6 x 6mm / wire dia: 0.7mm
Especially useful for drop shaped stone etc.
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 15180
Binding Miter Tool /1pc
The Binding Miter tool makes it possible for you to create perfect mitered corners on your quilt bindings!
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 21523
Quick Curve Ruler /1pc
(up date:2017/07/12) id : 21534
Creative Grids: Circle Savvy Ruler 11-3/4in x 18-1/2in /1pc
(up date:2017/07/10) id : 256
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat Oval 12x5mm /1pc
(up date:2017/07/10) id : 4632
Stainless steel pendant & charm holder / 1pc
(up date:2017/07/10) id : 4634
Stainless steel pendant parts / 5pcs
(up date:2017/07/10) id : 4156
Stainless steel pendant parts Bails / 1pc
(up date:2017/07/10) id : 11589
Stainless steel magnet clasp /1 set
Good quality magnet clasp for leather
For 6mm leather
Note: on the market you might find cheaper price which is made from ordinary metal or brass. This is Japanese stainless steel which is much higher grade.
(up date:2017/07/10) id : 14992
Jelly Art Tools /1pc
No.reg: 201020
(up date:2017/07/09) id : 13028
Russian Piping Tips Flower / 1set
(up date:2017/07/09) id : 15021
Fondant Embosser mold / 1set(10pcs)
No.reg: 201020
(up date:2017/07/09) id : 15011
Disney style font Alphabet Cookie Cutter / 1set(36pcs)
(up date:2017/07/09) id : 15001
Chocolate 3D Mold High Heel / 1 set
(up date:2017/07/09) id : 14079
BOOK Yoko Saito's Quilts and Projects from my Favorite Fabrics (English) / pc
: Centary Collection by Yoko Saito
What better way to celebrate her twenty years anniversary of designing fabrics for LECIEN than by publishing a book full of bags, quilts and projects. Yoko Saito, quilter and designer extraordinaire, renowned for her stunning use of Japanese-inspired "taupe colors" gives us yet another book in her quintessential style. There are twenty-eight fabulous projects in this book along with basic "how-to's" for patchwork and quilting using her methods.
(up date:2017/07/03) id : 21129
Angelus Paint Brush /1set (5pcs)
(up date:2017/07/03) id : 22437
Angelus Empty Paint Marker /1pc
(up date:2017/07/03) id : 16941
Angelus Glitterlites 1 oz /1pc
(up date:2017/07/03) id : 16939
Angelus Paint Additives 4 oz /1pc
  • 2-Hard Do you need to paint plastic or other hard surfaces? Then Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces such as plastic or glass. Angelus 2-Hard promotes adhesion and film hardness.
    • Mix with Angelus Acrylic Paints: 50% 2-Hard for flexible surfaces, 75% 2-Hard for rigid surfaces.
    • Apply multiple thin coats until you obtain full and even coverage.
    • Allow to dry for 48 hours.
  • 2-Soft An absolute must-have when working on fabrics such as the sock-liner of shoes and other soft fabrics. When heat-set properly, this Fabric Medium will help keep your fabrics nice and soft after being painted.
    • Mix Angelus 2-Soft with Angelus Acrylic Paints in a 1:1 ratio.
    • Apply multiple coats until you obtain full and even coverage.
    • Allow paint to completely dry.
    • Heat-set using a heatgun at 300º F for 3-5 minutes (this step is REQUIRED
  • 2-Thin 2-Thin is perfect when you need to thin out our Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint. It keeps your shoe paint from clumping on a mesh surface, and it's great when you're using airbrush for your customization.
    For airbrush applications, we suggest using a 1 part 2-thin to 4 parts paint ratio (1:4).
(up date:2017/07/03) id : 16940
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Pearlescent 4 oz /1pc
(up date:2017/07/03) id : 16936
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Standart Paint 4 oz /1pc
(up date:2017/06/26) id : 11039
Sterling Silver Petite Round Floating Glass Locket Pendant /1pc
(up date:2017/06/26) id : 11035
Stainless Steel Heart Floating Glass Locket Pendant /1pc
(up date:2017/06/26) id : 11034
Stainless Steel Round Floating Glass Locket Pendant ( Magnet type) /1pc
(up date:2017/06/19) id : 18395
Kitpas Asobody / 1set
(up date:2017/06/19) id : 16803
Marble paint ( Sumi Nagashi ) Boku Undo Mardley / 1 set
(up date:2017/06/18) id : 16802
Marble paint ( Sumi Nagashi ) Boku Undo Marbling / 1 set
Suminagashi : the traditional Japanese paper dyeing method
(up date:2017/06/18) id : 10473
Leather sewing thread : Ramie for machine sewing / 1 spool
  • Material : Natural Ramie fiber (waxed)
Ramie fibres are split from the plant by fingernail and twisted into threads by hand. In tie-dying, bundles of ramie threads are bound tightly with cotton before dying so as to produce a geometric or floral pattern when the thread is woven into fabric using a simple back-strap loom.
Made in Japan
(up date:2017/06/18) id : 22762
Ceramic polishing burs /1pc
It is suitable for polishing of hard alloys and the like, and there are many types of particle sizes and it is made slightly harder than silicon, so firm polishing is possible.
It also reduces rubber dropout than usual and has a long service life.
(up date:2017/06/15) id : 7379
K14 (GF) Gold filled Curved seamless Tube /1pc
(up date:2017/06/15) id : 8414
K14 (GF) Gold filled Tube S-Curve /1pc
(up date:2017/06/14) id : 11419
Argentium Silver Cabochon setting (Oval) #805-B / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/14)
(up date:2017/06/13) id : 18731
Round Maul mallet ( hammer ) / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/11) id : 21053
Bead design board Silicone U shape /1pc
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 22801
Abrasive Fiber buff wheels / 1set
Non-woven Fiber abrasive buff disc designed to lightly blend, clean, deburr and finish smaller areas on a variety of metals.
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 260
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat Oval 10x6mm stamped with "S. STEEL"
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 259
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat Oval 9x7mm
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 258
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat round 10mm /1pc
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 23881
Stainless steel O kan twist / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 14733
Stainless steel magnet clasp round / 1 set
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 11168
Stainless steel spring ring (hikiwa) /1pc
Material : Stainless steel 316L (Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 4022
Stainless Necklace chain / 1pc(45cm)
  • Material : Stainless
  • Length : 45cm
  • d : 1.5-4.5mm(d)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 4023
Stainless Necklace ball chain / 1pc(45cm)
  • Material : Stainless
  • Length : 45cm
  • d: 1.5-2.4mm
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 7731
Round tube with fold-in ends /1set(2pcs)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 9829
Stainless steel spacer corrugated round /1pc
Material : Stainless steel 316L (Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 188
Stainless steel spacer Tube curved / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 3759
Metal Charm Spiral / 10pc
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 1473
Glass bottle & dome Component
Small glass bottle & dome component
You can fill with any small items, used as charms or pendants.
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10323
Book THE BOOK OF MEN'S SHOES MAKING (Japanese) / 1pc
1. Oxford
2. Derby
3. Main material of men's shoes
4.Making of Oxford
** Design / pattern making
** Upper
** Lasting
** Welt stitching
** Bottoming
** Heel make
** Completion
5.Making of Derby
** Pattern making
** Upper
** Lasting
** Welt stitching
** Bottoming
** Heel make
** Completion
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10306
1. Introduction
2. Basic tool and the how to use
3. Item making
** ITEM01 Key Holder
** ITEM02 IC Card case
** ITEM03 Smart phone case
** ITEM04 Key case
** ITEM05 Clutch bag
** ITEM06 Diary cover
** SPECIAL ITEM01 Glasses tray
** SPECIAL ITEM02 Fastener pen case
4. Pattern
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10302
1. Introduction
2. Let's start making leather goods
Tools / Select leather / Metal parts / Basic technic
3. Making process and Patterns
** key cover
** key holder
** key case
** coin case
** smartphone case
** long wallet
** tissue cover
** cup holder
** tray
** room shoes
** floor cushion
** pen case
** roll up pen case
** pen stand
** book cover
** personal organizer
** pouch
** mini tote
** clutch bag
** tool case
** camera case & neck strap
** tote bag
4. Recommend Books
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10298
1. Item Introduction
2. Basic Knowledge of slide fastener
3. Making process and Techniques
** Mini Wallet with L-SHAPED FASTENER
** Cushion Cover with SLIT FASTENER
** Pen Case with CROSS FASTENER
** Tote Bag with TRIPLE FASTENER
** Universal Case with GUSSETED FASTNER
4. Reference materials
5. Patterns
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10288
Book STUDS LEATHER CRAFT (Japanese) / 1pc
1. Introduction
2. Basis of studs installation
3. Item making
** Item 01 Bracelet
** Item 02 Key chain
** Item 03 Cup holder
** Item 04 Key chain
** Item 05 The zipper pouch
** Item 06 Card case
** Item 07 Tote bag
** Item 08 Belt
4. Pattern
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10286
1. Basic technique
2. How to make leather items
*Key holder
*IC card case
*Card holder
*Lomg wallet
*Pen case
*Tote bag
3. Pattern
(up date:2017/05/28) id : 12400
Padico Wood Formo / 1pc (500g)
  • Air Dry and it takes around 2-3 days to dry depending on thickness of the item.
  • When dried, It will have a wood like look. and just like wood, you can carve it further with carving knife.
  • Excellent for craft such as miniature food, doll, bird model, trees etc.
(up date:2017/05/28) id : 21155
Pentel Metallic Fude Brush Pen Kinnoho Ginnoho /1pc
Filled with vivid, opaque metallic ink, this brush pen is perfect for creating beautiful brush lettering and adding festive accents to holiday and birthday cards. It features high-quality nylon bristles and a convenient push button for controlling ink flow.
(up date:2017/05/28)
(up date:2017/05/28)
(up date:2017/05/24) id : 21134
Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen /1pc
The innovative design of these SAI brush pens from Akashiya is what helped it win the 2007 ISOT Stationery of the Year award in Japan. SAI brushes have the potential to revolutionize painting as we know it, allowing artists to create beautiful artwork from an elegant, non-messy tool. The brushes are a great combination of traditional sumi-e (Asian art) brush quality and modern brush functionality and portability.
(up date:2017/05/24) id : 21135
Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen - Extra Fine - /1pc
Summon the beauty of Japan for your artwork, using the Akashiya Sai ThinLine brush pens in nature-inspired traditional Japanese colors. The extra-fine tip on each pen draws sharp, precise lines that bring elegance to your calligraphy and cards, and dynamic movement to your comic illustrations and other drawings. Your line types can vary from voluminous swells to fine, delicate lines. The tip is diligently hand-crafted from man-made fibers and is about 2 mm wide. It is highly elastic, giving you precise control. The water-based pigment ink is fade-resistant and waterproof when dried, which is great for outlining watercolor works.
(up date:2017/05/23) id : 16500
Grafix Cling Vinyl Sheet 9x11" Clear / 1 pack (6 sheets)
No need for messy glues when you use Grafix Cling Vinyl Film – it sticks by static! This opaque film will cling to smooth, glossy surfaces without leaving any sticky residue.

Grafix Cling Film will not lose its shape, color or cling. It’s reusable too. Just peel off designs and store for next time. Create temporary decorations for all your holiday and birthday celebrations. Die cut, punch or cut out shapes and embellish with permanent markers, paint pens and glitter glue.

Great for decorating windows, mirrors, cars, picture frames, school lockers, dry erase boards, glass/acrylic surfaces and more.