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(up date:2018/03/21) id : 19872
PLUS Scissors for Cardboard & Cloth / 1pc
It is durable & sharp sharpness with 3.0 mm thick high carbon stainless steel material.
Scissors ideal for cloth / cardboard.
The grip is made of resin, the shape and material devised to make it easy to move even with a small hand or weak force.
(up date:2018/03/21) id : 16633
Smooth ON : Rebound /1set
(up date:2018/03/21) id : 16748
Plaster Cloth /1roll
(up date:2018/03/13) id : 968
Shoe repair and making tools : Fudge wheel / 1 pc
(up date:2018/03/13) id : 20709
Leather punch : Corner cutter / 1pc
(up date:2018/03/12) id : 2551
Stainless steel magnet clasp / 1set
(up date:2018/03/12) id : 2550
Metal magnet clasp / 1set
(up date:2018/03/12) id : 2549
Metal Clasp / 1set
(up date:2018/03/12) id : 2548
Metal Hook Flower /1set
(up date:2018/03/11) id : 70
Clay stencil silkscreen /1set
(up date:2018/03/05)
(up date:2018/03/05) id : 2045
HOT tools : Hot modeler for Leather Pyrography / 1set
You can enjoy leather burning art easily.

We adopt a thermal storage type pen tip that is easy to operate.
Also, there is a guard handle so you can use it safely.
9 kinds of soldering iron tip which is convenient for replacement are included. It takes about 2 minutes after applying electricity until it becomes usable. The maximum temperature will be reached in about 4 minutes.
* There is no temperature adjustment function, so attach a light controller etc. Please use with care not to become high temperature.
Please set the light controller temperature to low temperature, please use.
Please remove it from the outlet when not using for a long time.
(up date:2018/03/05) id : 19548
Sun Catcher Frame /1set
(up date:2018/02/27) id : 13912
Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums / 1pc
  • Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums offer professional quality at an affordable price. When mixed with acrylic paints, they give you a myriad of different ways to alter texture, sheen, transparency, viscosity, and depth.
  • Like all Holbein art materials, these mediums are formulated to meet some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry. They are packaged in unique, freestanding poly bags — tough, durable, and better for the environment than standard rigid plastic containers.
  • High Solid Gel Medium — Mix this gel with acrylic paint and it will hold brushstrokes, knife marks, peaks, and valleys in your paint surface.
  • Heavy Body Gel Medium — Thicken acrylic paints, increase their gloss level, and make them more transparent with Heavy Body Gel Medium, which holds high peaks and brushstrokes.
  • Soft Body Gel Medium — This medium imparts a soft, cream-like consistency to acrylic paints and improves their flow. It's great for pouring, puddling, and spattering techniques.
(up date:2018/02/27) id : 16091
12 inch container for Scrapbooking craft & Quilting / 1pc
Protect and store your scrapbook papers and craft supplies in this stackable, clear plastic organizer.
(up date:2018/02/26) id : 5235
Prima Marketing Acrylic Paint /1pc
Great quality water-based metallic acrylic paint, rich in color and permanent after drying. Great for artistic and decorative use. Archival safe. Non-toxic.
(up date:2018/02/25) id : 15667
Ice Resin : Glitter /1pc
(up date:2018/02/25)
(up date:2018/02/20) id : 17263
Wilton : Rolling Pin /1pc
(up date:2018/02/20) id : 5234
Prima Marketing Art wax /1pc
(up date:2018/02/20) id : 16691
Ranger Texture Paste /1pc
Ranger Texture Paste. Artist quality texture paste is ideal for adding dimensional layers onto a variety of surfaces. Apply paste to surfaces using a palette knife, use with stencils for defined shapes, or create textures and patterns using texture tools. Customize the paste by inking or painting directly over the dry paste, or by mixing in acrylic paints, re-inkers and other texturizing elements. The wide mouth jar opening is ideal for quick, easy access and return of unused product to the jar.
Available in an Opaque, Transparent Matte and Transparent Gloss finishes.
Cleans up with soap and water when wet. Available in a 4 oz. jar.
(up date:2018/02/13)
(up date:2018/02/04) id : 13911
Holbein Retarding Medium /1pc
(up date:2018/02/04) id : 13910
Holbein Painting Solvent /1pc
(up date:2018/02/04) id : 20552
EcoZai : Recycled Glass stone / 1 pack
(up date:2018/02/04) id : 295
Findings Forms: Adjustable Ring Jig / 1pc
(up date:2018/02/04) id : 11835
Clasp (magnet) / 1pc
(up date:2018/01/28) id : 5909
Sodalite stone Cabochon Oval /1pc
(up date:2018/01/28) id : 5908
Malaysian jade Cabochon Oval /1pc
(up date:2018/01/28) id : 20263
Shoe soap /1pc
Shoe cleaner
(up date:2018/01/28) id : 20262
Shoe polish portable / 1set (8pcs)
(up date:2018/01/21) id : 6941
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2018/01/21) id : 6940
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2018/01/21) id : 6939
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2018/01/17) id : 22300
Uni Mitsubishi Uni Pencil / 1doz
(up date:2018/01/15) id : 18516
Ultrasonic Cutter ZO-80 / 1unit
(up date:2018/01/10) id : 13141
Holbein Acrylic Ink Iridescence / 1pc
(up date:2018/01/08) id : 21059
Heat Insulation Silicone Pad /1pc
(up date:2018/01/04) id : 15700
Bokuju ( Japanese ink ) Drawing Sol : Kaimei brand / 1 bottle
This Kaimei, also known as Moon Palace, Drawing Pen Ink is a rich, deep black ink that is a favorite among artists for its superior drying time. It is bleed resistant, fade resistant, fast drying, and water resistant when dry. It is alcohol resistant and can be used with alcohol-based markers. The wonderfully rich color is dark enough that even a fine line can be detected and scanned into a computer. It is ideal for use on tracing and drawing paper. The bottle features an indented pen rest on the top.
(up date:2018/01/04)
(up date:2018/01/04) id : 21931
Draw bench ( wire draw puller ) : Harp Japan / 1set
(up date:2018/01/04) id : 18699
Metal die cutter punch - Disc cutter : Harp Japan / 1set
(up date:2017/12/26) id : 21195
Tassel Maker / 1set
Large and small tassels can be created.
(up date:2017/12/26) id : 21194
Coaster Maker / 1set
(up date:2017/12/26) id : 21193
Knitting loom straight shape / 1set
(up date:2017/12/26) id : 21192
Knitting loom round shape / 1set
(up date:2017/12/26) id : 21191
Pom Pom Maker (Bom Bom) / 1pc
(up date:2017/12/24)
(up date:2017/12/13) id : 16188
LiHit Lab : SmartFit (A5) / 1pc
(up date:2017/12/13) id : 19151
Tri-fold stool bolt /1pc
(up date:2017/12/13) id : 20182
Collapsible helmet : Izano helmet from DIC / 1 pc
(up date:2017/12/13)
(up date:2017/12/13)
(up date:2017/12/06) id : 8636
Crystal Ball Dragon /1pc
(up date:2017/12/05) id : 6683
Sculpture wheel (turn table) Padico / 1pc
(up date:2017/12/05) id : 4142
Silver clasp Flower / 1pc
dia.: 11mm
thickness: 5.5mm
rhodium plated
(up date:2017/12/04) id : 22804
Buffing Grinding Polishing Sanding complete set for beginner / 1 set
(up date:2017/12/03) id : 16739
Human Face Mold /1set
Silicon mold for making doll face
Sold in set of 13 types of face
(up date:2017/11/27) id : 3426
K14 (GF) Gold filled wire BALL wire (bead wire) / 10cm
(up date:2017/11/26) id : 19409
Artificial other
(up date:2017/11/26) id : 19408
Artificial green
(up date:2017/11/26) id : 19407
Artificial flowers
(up date:2017/11/20) id : 21127
Brush Set /1set
(up date:2017/11/20) id : 19900
Boye Loom Hook /1pc
(up date:2017/11/14) id : 13701
Kokuyo : Harinacs Staple-Less Stapler /1pc
(up date:2017/10/29) id : 21951
Mini Multi Bender
(up date:2017/10/25) id : 275
Human body armature jig / 1pc
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 4753
Armature wire for modelling frame
The armature wire are aluminum wire, which is non-corrosive, lightweight, full pliable, and non-staining.
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20133
Josefine Water proof Exterior varnish / 1 bottle
This high-quality varnish contains a powerful UV filter that makes it ideal for use in outside spaces as well as indoor environments. Use it to seal artworks painted with acrylics or pieces that will be placed in high-humidity areas.

Josefine Varnish is also great for creating faux finishes, applying color emphasis, or adding patina effects to your work. It can even be used in combination with Pavercolor to create an outdoor paint.

This extremely user-friendly varnish cleans up easily with soap and water
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20138
Relief Decoration
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20132
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20131
Paver Wrappers
Wrappers are very thin pieces of cloth that are stretchable. When applied to a skeleton it can make the surface of an object very firm but above all, very smooth.

Cut 4 pieces of the same size. Use a brush to put one layer of Paverpol onto the skeleton. Wrap it as tight as possible. Apply a second layer of Paverpol onto the piece of Wrapper with a brush. Watch one of our video tutorials on Wrappers!

Should you want to place the object outside put a layer of Paverplast Paste on top of the dried object. This is a mixture of Paverpol and Paverplast powder. Wrappers can also be used to decorate Paverpol statues. Perfect to use for hats and shawls. Dip the Wrapper into the Paverpol. Squeeze it en put it onto the statue. Even art pieces like paintings, panels, photo frames, boxes, etc. can be decorated by using Wrappers.

Wrappers were used to make a smooth ‘skin’ the dress has also been made with Wrappers. After drying a mixture of Paverpol and Paverplast was brushed on to make the sculpture outdoor proof. Paverplast give a grey ‘mist’ to the look, for that reason one more coat of Paverpol Bronze was applied..
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20130
Paver Cotton
This a 100 % cotton fiber. It can be used to create hair, make bowls or wings. If dipped in the Paverpol textile hardener (possibly colored with Pavercolor) and squeezed out well, it can be used to add hair/wigs to the Paverpol figurine or statue.
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20129
Paver Sand
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20128
Paver Plast
Can be used to create a completely watertight layer on sculptures and statues of Styrofoam, plaster, self-hardening clay, papier-mâché etc. When Paverplast is mixed with Paverpol (100 grams Paverplast for 500 gram Paverpol) you create a watertight paste. Apply the mixture directly on a foundation in layers of 1 a 2 mm. If you want a shiny surface, dip your finger in water and brush on the Paverplast paste. Make it stronger by working more layers on it. After every layer wait till it is dry, before the next layer. Paverplast mixed with Paverpol can be colored with Pavercolor to create numerous colors. Store it in an airtight sealable tray. It air-dries. If the Paverplast becomes too stiff, you can add some Paverpol. Do not add water!
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20127
Paver Art Stone
Art Stone can be used in many ways. You can make self-hardening clay of it, or you can use the powder to make sculptures or make statues that look like stone
To make sculpture look like stone use Paverpol Grey or Paverpol transparent mixed with Pavercolor Siena as a basis. It is of course also possible to mix with other Pavercolors. You can use a pre-form figure of styrofoam, plaster, paper mache or kitchen foil (cover the foil with painter’s tape).
This stone effect is not suitable for outdoor objects.
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20126
Paver Color : Coloring powder for Paverpol
Pigment powder mixed with Paverpol changes transparent Paverpol into the color of your choice. The powders can be combined to make custom colors. Metallic colors do not contain metal; they get their shimmer from mica powder. All Pavercolors can be mixed with water to use as watercolors. However, this technique can only be used for indoor pieces of work. For outdoor objects (i.e. garden sculptures) you can mix Pavercolors with Josefine varnish to make an outdoor paint. Available in 28 colors.
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 20125
Paverpol Fabric hardener - Textile hardener / 1 pc
Paverpol is an environment friendly fluid used to make fabric rock hard.
The final hardening process takes in between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the temperature. Paverpol artwork is weather resistant after hardening completely. It will withstand rain, wind, sun, snow and frost.
Tools and hands can simply be washed in warm water. There is no need to wear gloves. The textiles and decoration hardener par excellence! Dip natural materials, such as textiles, in Paverpol. Drape or wrap the material around a wire figure or other armature and leave it to dry. Paverpol dries fast, but slowly enough to allow plenty of working time.
After it has hardened, you have created a beautiful decoration or sculpture, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is also possible to combine Paverpol with paper, silk, chamois leather, self-hardening clay, polystyrene foam, dried flowers, wood, plaster, pottery, etc
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 21966
Metal craft : Workshop package
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 21964
Metal craft : Twister tools
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 21963
Metal craft : Scroll former ( scroll bender ) tools
With this tool "Scroll tool", you can create Scroll work designs easily.
There are several types to choose from, varying in the size of the scroll they produce and the size of materials they handle.
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 21962
Metal craft : RBR ( Roll Bender Rivet ) tools
(up date:2017/10/24) id : 21961
Metal craft : Cutting shear + Punch tools
  • Hand operated tools for producing decorative scrolls from metal strips.
(up date:2017/10/24)
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 8226
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 5013
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 7592
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 6934
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2017/09/18) id : 4330
Silver 925 Lever back pierce Cabochon setting (Economy type)/pair
(up date:2017/09/13) id : 2515
Metal Pendant part / 1pc
(up date:2017/09/12) id : 16024
Shoe string stopper clip (lock lace) /1pair
(up date:2017/09/12) id : 16015
MOLLE Connect Clip
(up date:2017/09/11) id : 22302
Uni Mitsubishi Dermatograph Oil-Based Pencils /1pc
A dermatograph is a colored pencil made of rolled paper and is used in block printing instead of a lithographic crayon when doing lithographs.

A dermatograph is made of paper wound into a pencil shape. Unlike a conventional pencil, it is unique in that the composite core is largely comprised of wax. This allows it to demonstrate similar characteristics to the hard lithographic crayons when drawing. However, because they have less oil content than lithographic crayons, when using a printing plate, tincture is needed to strengthen the sensitization sections (tincture replacement).

Dermatographs were first sold by Mitsubishi Pencil in 1955. The word comes from a combination of the Greek words, “dermato”, meaning skin, and “graph”, meaning to draw: Literally, draw on skin. As the name suggests, the dermatograph can be used to draw on surfaces such as skin, glass, metal and film which is difficult with a conventional pencil. Today, the features of the dermatograph are used in a variety of applications.

The Mitsubishi Dermatograph pencils are like upscale versions of your typical grease pencil. Available in several bright colors, these soft colored pencils are perfect for writing on glass, metal, plastics, ceramic, vinyl, cellophane, and marks can be removed from any non-porous smooth surface. The paper wrapping can be removed by pulling the inside thread, which will in turn expose more of the soft colored lead. Several colors available.

Pencil dimensions: Approximately 6.9 inches (17.5 cm) long and 0.3 inches (8 mm) in diameter.
(up date:2017/09/10) id : 14559
Foldable Magnifier with LED light (color:Red) / 1pc
(up date:2017/09/10)
(up date:2017/09/10)
(up date:2017/09/06) id : 16823
Vintage Wax /160g
(up date:2017/09/06) id : 16841
P-Effector : Texture base ( Effector ) / 500 ml
(up date:2017/09/03)
(up date:2017/09/03) id : 21536
Creative Grids: Turn-a-Round /1pc
(up date:2017/09/03) id : 21535
Creative Grids: Basic Range /1pc
(up date:2017/08/28) id : 20116
Aquaglue / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/28) id : 20120
Craft Glue / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/28) id : 20027
Sekisui Double Tape for Handicraft / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/23) id : 6835
Display, Necklace stand Clear / 1pc
Size :240x150mm
(up date:2017/08/23) id : 5334
Display : Necklace stand Cord Material / 1pc
(up date:2017/08/22) id : 21677
Insul-Bright Insulated Lining / 1sheet
A needlepunched insulated lining that reflects hot and cold energy back to it's source. Who doesn't love a homemade pot holder, oven mitt or soft lunch sack made safe with Insul-Bright. Easy-to-sew through and guaranteed to last through a lifetime of gentle washings.
(up date:2017/08/22) id : 11023
Aromatherapy Lockets & Pendants /1pc
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 233
Metal Pendant parts - Glass dome cap / 4pcs
Size(approximately): 9.5x4.5mm
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14917
Glass dome setting Button type / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14899
Metal setting (mounting) Pendant 16mm / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14904
Metal setting (mounting) Ring / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 2285
Brooches cabochon base / 1pc
This is "Mounting" only, NOT include the dome. Glass dome sold separately
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 14562
Magnifier with 2 LED and Interchangeable 5 Pcs Lenses / 1 set
Features:100% Brand New and High QualityThe lens is treated with strengthen process to reach surface hardness of H5 degrees.5-magnification head magnifier with 2-LED light5 kinds of multiple lens can be chosen, 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.5XUse this tool, you can magnify things by 1 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times, 2.5 times or 3.5 timesSuitable for reading books/newspapers,drawing pictures,making handgrfts etc.Easy to replace the batteries.Great product for watch making and repairing industry, specially for inspecting those tiny partsLED Features:2 LEDs for illumination.A light head magnifying glasses of wide-view scope with 3D lens and light.Head light can be adjusted for a good angle.Comes with an adjustable elastic head band for easy using.Environmental protection and energy saving.Specifications:Model: NO.9892B1Material: ABSColor: WhiteLens size:85mm * 8.5mmLED: 2 pieces Battery: 3 * AAA battery ( not included)5 kinds of magnifications:1.0X ,1.5X ,2.0X, 2.5X ,3.5XNet weight: 178g Package includes:1 x Head Magnifier1 x Head Band5 x Magnifying Glasses
(up date:2017/08/20) id : 4174
Digital Pocket Scale /1pc
Compact pocket jewelry scale small, small enough to put in your pocket. It can be used for weighing gold, silver,
diamonds and other precious stones with 0.01 gram accuracy.
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included)
Max capacity 200gr
High density ABS housing and metal support makes it very durable.
Large high contrast LCD display makes the readouts clear to read.
Blue backlight make display easily readable in low light conditions.
(up date:2017/08/09)
(up date:2017/08/09) id : 17214
Wilton Fondant Flower Drying rack and tools /1set
(up date:2017/08/09) id : 7437
K14 (GF) Gold filled adjuster /1pc
(up date:2017/08/08)
(up date:2017/08/08)
(up date:2017/08/08) id : 13153
Mold for resin ( geometric shape ) / 1pc
Suitable for resin casting to make Pyramid ,chakra, paperweight or Gemstone resin cast.
(up date:2017/08/08) id : 12027
Silicon mold bracelet / 1pc
The size is the finished size.
(up date:2017/08/08) id : 17268
Wilton Bag Cutter & Brush Set /1set
Essential tool collection includes a decorating bag cutter to easily and precisely cut decorating bags, and two sizes of brushes to make cleaning decorating tips quick and easy.
  • Bag cutter cuts bags with a quick turn.
  • Use with Twist Quick Coupler.
  • To use cutter: Insert inner coupler in bag. Slide on cutter with arrow pointing toward coupler. Squeeze side tabs, twist and cut!
  • Use and Care: Before first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 17245
Wilton Decorating Nails / 1set
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 17267
Wilton Quick Tips /1set
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 17266
Wilton I Taught Myself /1set
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 12918
Wilton Cupcake Decorating Set 12 Pieces / 1set
With the four decorating tips and eight disposable decorating bags in the Wilton 12-Pc. Cupcake Decorating Set, you'll be ready to decorate cupcakes, cookies and other fun treats with fabulous designs.
  • Decorate cupcakes, cookies and treats using 4 decorating tips and 8 disposable decorating bags in the 12-Pc. Cupcake Decorating Set.
  • 1M open star tip makes a stunning swirl, beautiful rosettes or stars; 4B open star tip creates a starburst design, great for detailed pulled stars.
  • 2A round tip pipes large smooth coils of icing and jumbo pulled dots or beads; 2D drop flower tip is perfect for flowers and swirled designs.
  • Set includes instruction booklet to make it easy for you to make amazing treats.
(up date:2017/08/07) id : 16420
We R Hole Punch Board / 1set
Create the perfect planner for scheduling your days, weeks and month. The Planner Punch Board works with all popular planners; standard hole, disc and spiral. The punches are interchangeable for easy customization. Punches lock together for storage when not in use. Planner Punch Board comes with standard hole punches. Disc Punch Inserts (660714) and Spiral Punch Inserts (662395) are also available.
(up date:2017/08/06) id : 22310
Prima Marketing Watercolor Pencils /1set(12color)
(up date:2017/08/06) id : 5407
Clay tools : Sculpey Etch 'n Pearls 3 pieces / 1set