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LiHit Lab : Pen Case / 1pc

  • Size : 110mm x 17mm x 190mm
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    LiHit Lab : Pen Case / 1pc
    Collection of different types of pen case , made by Lihit lab Japan.

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    LiHit Lab : SMART FIT PuniLabo Pen Case / 1pc

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    LiHit Lab : SMART FIT PuniLabo Accessory Case / 1pc

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    LiHit Lab : SmartFit (A5) / 1pc

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    LiHit ALTNA : Tool Bag / 1pc
    Even though it is light, it stands firmly and is a large capacity and convenient tool bag.
    Durable and strong elastic fabric.
    Outer pocket easy to put in and out tools. (Both sides)
    The inside of the outer pocket is a napped brushed fabric friendly to the accommodation.
    With a flap that can hide the contents.
    The bottom surface is a quick-wiping coating fabric.
    With drawer handle on the side. You can also insert a pen or cable.

    Load capacity (approx.) 50 kg (main handle part)
    Hand washable

  • Horizontal type : 280mm × 370mm × 160 mm
    Vertical type : 370mm × 280mm × 160 mm
    Lite : 370mm × 160mm × 280mm
    Stand Bag : 380mm × 100mm × 290mm
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    Sun-Star Delde Tote Rucksack /1pc
    Different occasions call for different bags—unless your bag can change to fit the occasion! A tote bag and backpack in one, the Delde transforms quickly and easily with a pull of the straps. Pulling the tote handles automatically retracts the shoulder straps, and pulling the shoulder straps automatically retracts the tote handles. The 12-liter main compartment is perfect for holding A4 notebooks or a 14" laptop and opens wide for easy access to all your things.


    Convertible design with padded shoulder straps and tote handles.
    Rugged polyester construction.
    12-liter main compartment that can hold A4 notebooks or a 14" laptop.
    Three interior pockets for additional organization.
    Side zipper for quick access to things at the back or bottom of the main compartment.
    Two exterior side pockets for holding water bottles or umbrellas.
    Exterior zipper pocket for quick access to your most-used accessories.

    Note: When pulling out the backpack straps, pull on the top and bottom of each strap to retract

  • W290×H370×D130mm
    weight:550g(Faux leather 650g)
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    LiHit Teffa : Bag in Bag A5 / 1pc
    This A5 size case will hold all of your everyday office needs in one organized place. The main compartment will easily fit an A5 notebook. The front of the bag has five different sections: one front pen pocket, one small pocket with a Velcro closure for a cell phone, one larger pocket with a Velcro closure for a slim camera with charger cord or a pocket-size notepad, and two open slim pockets in the back for slipping in papers or note cards. Several colors available.
    Color: Black

  • Size : 255mm × 180mm × 16mm
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    LiHit Lab : Bag in Bag A4 / 1pc
    This case will hold all of your everyday office needs in one organized place, and will easily accomodate an A4 notebook. The front of the bag has seven different sections: three front pen pockets, one smaller pocket with a Velcro closure for a cell phone, gameboy or PDA, one larger pocket with a Velcro closure for a A6 size book or notepad, and two open slim pockets in the back for slipping in papers, note cards or even an A5 size notebook.

  • Size : 350mm × 240mm × 16mm
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    Dr. Ion : Stationery Aprons Bags with Gusset / 1pc
    This bag is is designed with an adjustable band that wraps securely and comfortably around the waist and suitable for working woman.
    5 pocket for notes, wallet, smartphone and cellphone or other goods and stationery,
    2 penholder,
    2 pockets inside,

  • Size : 190mm × 255mm × 45mm
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    LIFE STYLE TOOL File /1pc
    Solve the problem of pulling out or putting in a box.
    · Stand up, categorize and be clearer. You can "filing things".
    · Close it closely with the magnet built in the door.
    · When not in use Simple paper box storage.
    · File type is B5 size, A4 size two kinds.

  • A4 W240×D62×H306mm
    B5 W212×D62×H266mm
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    Kokuyo NEO CRITZ pencil case
    The brilliantly-designed Neo Critz pencil case by Kokuyo combines function with style. Zip it up and carry it as a pouch when on the go, then once you're settled at your desk, open the case and fold back the top to convert it into a standing pen holder. As a standing pen and pencil holder, it takes up little space on the desk, perfect for those of us who never have enough space. Your pens and pencils are displayed well and easy to grab.
    Thanks to the double-zipper design, you can also unzip just the top part of the case, to quickly access your items without having to completely open the case. This is especially useful when you want to grab any tools while the case is still in your bag.
    NEOCRITZ FLAT different from normal with 40% thinner and lighter design than NEOCRITZ.

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    Kokuyo Tray Type pencil case
    This convenient pencil case opens wide to form a tray, making it easy to pick out its contents at a glance—even small items like erasers or pencil leads, which can get lost in other cases. When closed, its slim, rectangular shape lets it fit easily and efficiently into a bag or backpack. Padded sides help protect your writing instruments, and the zipper extension snaps onto the case, creating a loop that can be used for hanging the case on a bag or strap, or simply carrying it on your finger.
    Dimension : 230 x 45 x 45 mm

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    Multi purpose cover - binder / 1pc
    • Available in 2 size
      A5 : (4 colors available)
      A4 : (3 colors available)

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