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Frixion Erasable Ballpoint / 1pc
Write-Rub-Correct as fast and often as necessary. The 'correctable' pen FRIXION from PILOT is already the world's most advanced ball point pen. This pen's unique feature is the 'clever ink' which turns transparent when subjected to friction. With no eraser dust, the line disappears very cleanly and leaves only a faint impression of the erased line. The ideal way to erase is by using the built in eraser but most hard plastic erasers also work.
FRIXION is perfect for card design, artwork, sketching, technical drawings or simply for writing and correcting. Also ideal for school and work. Even secret messages are possible: at -15°C (freezer temperature) erased ink reappears instantly. Price per pen.
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  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
0   0.5 mm Black 241 1
0   0.5 mm Blue 241 2
0   0.5 mm Red 241 8
0   0.7 mm Black 241 19
0   0.7 mm Blue 241 3
0   0.7 mm Red 241 3
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