Paper craft & StationaryBinding ( punch , stapler etc )

Jilitz clear file /1pc
It is a clear file that can be assembled quickly and can be used upright.
Because it can be set up, it saves space, for meetings and meetings, studying, cooking recipes, reading music scores, etc.
It can be widely used from business to daily use.
Raise your eyes and enjoy comfortable desk work.

Size: A4 vertical type
Number of pockets: 10 pockets, 20 pockets (fixed type, with mount)
Material: Opaque PP cover
External dimensions: Width 237mm x Height 307mm x Depth: 13mm, 16mm
  • Brand: King Jim

    This product can be BACK ORDERED
    You can buy even though stock is not available (or not enough).
    Attention : Usually it takes like 1 weeks until we can get the stock and send to you.

      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    22991-10Black   10 Black 660 0
    22991-10Blue   10 Blue 660 0
    22991-10Green   10 Green 660 0
    22991-10Yellow   10 Yellow 660 0
    22991-10Pink   10 Pink 660 0
    22991-20Black   20 Black 910 0
    22991-20Blue   20 Blue 910 0
    22991-20Green   20 Green 910 0
    22991-20Yellow   20 Yellow 910 0
    22991-20Pink   20 Pink 910 0
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