Other parts & Metal componentMetal Basic parts (Clam shell, Crimp beads etc)

Ballchip - bead tip (Japan) / 10pc
R Rhodium
G Gold
AS Antique Silver
AG Antique Gold
KN Black Nickel
PR Pink Rose
  • Made in Japan

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    This product can be BACK ORDERED
    You can buy even though stock is not available (or not enough).
    Attention : Usually it takes like 1 weeks until we can get the stock and send to you.

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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    0   Rhodium 300 70
    0   Gold Plated 300 184
    0   Antique Silver 350 225
    0   Antique Gold 350 93
    0   Black Nickel 350 68
    0   Pink Gold Plated 320 57
    This product can be BACK ORDER, you can Buy eventhough the stock is not enough
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