Flower craft ( Hana Kogei ) Login
in Japanese "Oshibana" means Pressed flower. is is a traditional technique of preserving plants (or flowers) , and the art of arranging those pressed and dried flowers into some kind of art object.

Typically, creation of an Oshibana, requires several time-consuming stages. It begins with selection of flowers, leaves and other plant material such as bark, branches and so on. Crucially, these components need to be picked at the right time so that their colours can be preserved in the best possible way. Drying and pressing the material is the next important phase requiring not only time but also skills and experience.

Once the required parts reach the preserved state, the artist can use them to create a pressed floral design, by carefully arranging the dry flowers, leaves, etc. on a base , usually Washi (Japanese paper).
"Somebana" in Japanese means "Dye colored Flower". It is a traditional technique of creating flowers from specially fabrics ( silk or other special fabric) and using special tools.