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FN-P-03MT01C1 (id:15543)
Martha Stewart High Gloss Acrylic Craft Paint /1pc
High-performance, patented, premium acrylic paint is specially formulated for use on all surfaces. Its highly pigmented color provides superior coverage - perfect for all craft and hobby painting techniques, including brush painting and detailing, sponging, stenciling, stamping, and printing. UV and weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Self-priming for use on porous and non- porous surfaces. Dishwasher-safe on glass. Non-toxic. Waterbased. Made in the USA. High Gloss paints give vibrant, high shine color.
size: 2fl oz (59ml)
Stock :2
FN-P-03MT01G1 (id:15544)
Martha Stewart Glass Paint /1pc
Create a glossy, opaque effect on any glass surface. Fine tip allows for quick and easy application. Use for painting, silkscreening and outlining on glass surfaces. Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Non-toxic. Permanent. Dishwasher safe on glass.
size: 2fl oz (59ml)
Stock :7
FN-P-03MT01K1 (id:15539)
Martha Stewart Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint /1pc
Create a chalkboard writing surface on wood, terra cotta, and virtually any paintable surface. Apply 2-3 coats to project surface, allowing it to dry between coats. Condition with chalk, and it's ready for messaging. Waterbased.
size: 6fl oz (177ml)
Stock :2
FN-P-03MT01T1 (id:16812)
Turner Chalkboard Paint
We recommend the painting to a smooth surface.
It does not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, nylon
and rubber.
It is not suitable for fabrics, etc.
May be discolored and washable with wet cloth.
Size 170 ml
Stock :0