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HB-MU-EL103A2 (id:18383)
KOJI Dolly Wink Pencil Eye Color Cream Lamé. / 1pc
Use this natural off-white glitter liner, in a cream beige color to impart a natural shine. This helps to re-create the signature Gyaru tear bag look that is watery and doe-eyed.
To be used on the corner of the inner eye to make your eyes look bigger, application is made easy with a pen design for greater control!
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HB-MU-EL104A1 (id:18384)
KOJI Spring Heart Liquid Eye Liner / 1pc
Spring heart Liquid Eye Liner is a brush-pencil type eyeliner that even easy for beginners to use. The supple brush allows you to apply thin lines without shaking. It will give you a smudge-proof and distinct line.
Choose your favorite color!
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HB-MU-EL104A2 (id:18385)
KOJI Spring Heart Long Lasting Pencil Eye Liner / 1pc
Spring heart Long Lasting Eye Liner is a push-out eyeliner pencil with a soft lead, letting your draw clean, smooth lines that last. Waterproof type, strongly resistant to sweat and water, non-running.
Comes with a useful sharpener to sharpen the lead.
Choose your favorite color!
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HB-MU-EL500A1 (id:18230)
KOJI Eye talk Double Eyelid Maker / 1pc

    How to use Eye talk Basic:
  • Create natural and beautiful double eyelids
  • Will not come off unless removed by cleansers
  • Great for beginners for making double eyelids
  • Contains moisturizing plant generated ceramide and skin tightening Rose hip extract

    How to use Natural Eye talk (2WAY):
  • Contains Rosemary extract and Chamomile extract which can help to mosturizing your eyelid.
    Film method :
  • 1. Make a line by pressing the push tool to your eyelid,
  • 2. Coating with the glue , wait until little bit dry
  • 3. Press your eyelid once more until completely dry and you make a pretty eyelid!
    Fix method :
  • 1. Just coating your eyelid with the glue and wait until it become transparent,
  • 2. Press your eyelid with the push tool.

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