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HB-SC-FP001B1 (id:18224)
Pure smile extract mask Biodiversity series / 1pc
1sheet: 23mL
Stock :11
HB-SC-FP001G1 (id:18246)
Pure smile extract mask Jewel series / 1pc
1 sheet: 23mL
Stock :20
HB-SC-FP001S1 (id:18205)
Skin hyu: Essence mask / 1pc
1 sheet: 23gram
Made in Korea
Stock :8
HB-SC-FP001S1 (id:18206)
Coony Korea Face mask / 1pc
Coony is a sheet mask line which is very popular in Korea and Japan nowdays. With a lot of serum that comes in the mask pack, make your face skin feels moisturised, refreshed and clean.
Coming home and putting this mask on will help ease the stress and cool you off after a hot, stressful day.

1 sheet : 0.8 oz
23 gr
Stock :10
HB-SC-FP001S2 (id:18207)
Dermal Essence Mask / 1pc
Dermal Essence Mask is a Facial Face Mask from South Korea specially formulated to deliver natural ingredients to your skin to Relax, Clear and Moistened.
The mask was also full of moisture and incredibly soothing. Your face will be quite smooth after you removed the mask and let the essence dry!
Stock :2
HB-SC-FP003A1 (id:18291)
Pure Five Essence Mask ( for Pro Salon use) / 1pack (30pc)
Pure 5 Essence Mask is a Japanese sheet mask featuring 5% natural serum.
The sheet mask uses 100% Japanese cotton, it also contains vitamin C derivative to prevent and treat freckles. It helps moisturize, firm, and wake up tired looking in 10 minutes time.
Packaging : 450ml (30 sheets enclosed) for 1 month.
Don't be fooled by the price, it is relatively cheap because it is intended for estetic salon. so the producer do not need to add advertising cost.
Stock :4
HB-SC-FP005K1 (id:18318)
KOSE Clear Turn : EX Fitting Lift Eye Musk A / 6set
Contains Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for moisture and lift. Gel type stretch eye zone mask moisturizes and nourishes sensitive eye zone, leaving it soft, youthful skin. 6 sets (12 gel sheets)
Stock :2
HB-SC-FP006A1 (id:18314)
KOSE Softymo :Blackhead cleansing Medicated Pack / 10sheet
  • Absorbs excess oil like a sponge.
  • 100% Natural flax blotting papers.
  • Comes in convenient paper dispenser packet the size of a credit card.
Stock :4