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Leather dye color : Roapas batik /1bottle
High quality dye solution for leatherwork, perfect for colouring the trimmed edges of your leather craft, repairing scratches in that new wallet of yours or colouring an entire hide.
Simply clean all wax or grime from your leatherwork using a mild bleach or oxalic acid (1 teaspoon per pint of water), then saturate a piece of cloth in the dye and work in a circular motion over your leather, reapplying as necessary. Airbrushing in a well ventilated area is also an effective method of dyeing you leather. For edges, use a small sponge or cotton bud saturated in dye.
  • Note: Water based

  • Size: 100ml

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    Leathercraft Water based dyes (Craft Sha) / 1pc

  • Size: 100 cc

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    Leathercraft Psychedelic Marble Streak Powdered Gel (Craft Sha) / 1pc
    Powder which when mixed with water enables you to create beautiful marble patterns on leather. Designed to be used with ordinary leather dye to create the incredible patterns below.

  • Size: 45 gram
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    Leather dye color : Eco-Flo Professional Waterstain / 1 bottle
    This water-based stain is amazing! You won’t believe the rich colors and how easy it is to apply with uniform results. It’s a blend of natural and synthetic waxes, dye-stuffs and binders with high penetration and dyeing power. This stain will not bleed or rub off. Colors can be mixed to form different hues. It can also be thinned with water to reduce intensity. Use the Professional Series finishes for a final coat. Do not use on suede; for veg-tan leather use only.

  • Size: 250ml(8.5 oz)
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    Leather dye color : Eco-Flo ALL-IN-ONE Stain & Finish / 1 bottle
    Eco-Flo All-In-One Stain & Finish is color and finish combined in one easy-to-use product. It is a water based, low V.O.C., stain for use on natural veg-tanned tooling leather. Perfect to use when speed is an issue or for beginners or kids groups.

    Do not use on suede.

  • Size : 4 oz
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    Leather dye color ( Paste ) : Seiwa carving dye /1bottle

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    Leather dye color ( Paste ) : Fiebing Antique finish /1bottle
    Fiebing's Antique Finishes can be used to produce an almost limitless combination of deep, vibrant colors on vegetable tanned leathers. A variety of techniques can be used to bring out carved, stamped and tooled designs as well as highlighting seams, edges of appliques and overlays.

    Imparts a soft, lustrous patina that emphasizes tooling, carving and embossing with a subtle, two-toned effect. Antique Finish is not entirely waterproof and should be protected with an additional wax or resin coating
    Antique Finish can be thinned with Fiebing’s Tan Kote.

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    Leather dye color : Elle Antique finish /1pc

    Difficulty Level:

  • 80cc

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    Leather dye color : Antique Dye /1pc

  • 100ml

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    Giardini : MaxCraft Leather Dye / 125 ml

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    Giardini MaxCrart Leather Dye Option / 125ml

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