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Giardini : Maxmatt Basecoat Dense

Basecoat must be used as first step ( as primer )
Its purpose is to create a base with excellent adhesion on the leather item, which also fills all the imperfections of the edge, especially the line in the middle when working on edges made of multiple layer hides.
It will improve the final quality of the edge and obtain a luxurious and high quality edge.

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Giardini : Maxedge Basic Edge Paint / 30 ml

Giardini Basic Edge Paint is based on the polyurethane polymer MAXEDGE, which is the result of Giardini’s first development in the field of leather edge paint. This edge paint was the first to almost completely abandon acrylic technology, thus becoming the starting point for future developments, in particular as regards the ecological sustainability of edge paints.

To achieve a high quality leather edge finish the Basic Edge Paint should be applied in conjunction with the Basecoat Dense (id:10679), this combination allows you to achieve the best final quality of the leather edge, especially when working on leather edge of a medium-large width (see the video tutorials about how to use the Basecoat). The paint comes with a standard opacity, but if you want a glossy effect or an extra-matte effect, you can apply topcoat on top of it in order to get the desired finish. The product can be simply applied by hand using a Roller Dye Pen and once dried it can be finished according to the traditional finishing operations such as brushing, sanding or ironing. Shelf-life is much more than other water-based paint, making it the most indicated choice for hobbyist or small leather crafters.

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    Giardini : MaxCraft Leather Dye / 125 ml

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    Giardini MaxCrart Leather Dye Option / 125ml

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